Trasformatore Uscita GM70

Trasformatore Uscita GM70
Risposta in frequenza 20Hz-20KHz a -0,7dB a piena potenza
Resistenza primaria statica molto bassa (Rdc) vicino a 80ohm
Bassa resistenza secondaria statica (Rdc) vicino a 0,3ohm
Induttanza primaria 54HIinduttanza secondaria 50mH
Rapporto spire = sqrt (54H / 50mH) = 33x
Impedenza primaria 8700 Ohm – Impedenza secondaria 8 Ohm
Nucleo a “C” X51D
Dimensioni esterne 135 x 125 x 120 mm – Peso: kg 5,5

Good frequency response 20Hz-20KHz at -0.7dB at full power
Very low static primary resistance (Rdc) near to 80ohm
Low static secondary resistance (Rdc) near to 0.3ohm
Primary inductance 54H
Secondary inductance 50mH
Turn ratio = sqrt(54H / 50mH) = 33x
Primary impedance with 8ohm is about 8720ohm (33 x 33 x 8)
Air gap optimized for a bias current of 70-90mA
Very large double C core, external size 135 x 125 x 120 mm