F.I.A.T. S.R.L.

About us

F.I.A.T. s.r.l. is a reference company present for over 40 years on the national market for the productionof magnetic components.Over the years, the company has consolidated and increased its production capabilities through constantcommitment, moving with great professionalism and with particular attention to technologicalinnovations, aiming for the highest quality, in order to guarantee a vast range of products characterizedby reliability. increasingly higher, all manufactured in compliance with current legislation.We operate in the production of magnetic components, our company has been active on the market formore than forty years. The company was born from previous realities, from Trafomat s.n.c. andElettronica Monteverde, and can boast notable and robust experience, with few equals in Italy: F.I.A.T.s.r.l. has always been at the forefront in the field of electromechanics.

Our competence

Added to this is the loyalty, professionalism and competence of its collaborators who have followed thecompany over time, encouraging its continuous growth and can proudly boast of being part of thehistory of a small but solid production company.