S1000 network stabilizer

S1000 Network Stabilizer

Dimensions 350x285x100 mm – Weight 7.7 kg

Cabinet in 8/10 thick sheet metal, finishing with fine textured effect, matt black Ral 9005 TXT

5 socket from Mennekes panel IP54 16A

Internal copper wiring 2.5 mm2 star connection

Power supply 230V/50Hz max load 1000W

Mains filter 230V/10A RFI interference suppressor, single cell shielded

AC digital multi-function meter 80-260VAC – 0-100A    45-65Hz

Resettable single-pole thermomagnetic circuit breaker 10A Diruptor

16A bipolar ignition switch

IEC 10A panel socket

Input voltage 230V -20% + 15%

Output voltage 230V +/- 3%

Switching speed 10msec

Harmonic distortion <0.5%

Yield 98%

Supplied with standard power cord.’